Powder Coating

Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Surrounding Areas

Powder coating is one of the most economical, durable, and long-lasting finishes for metal available. Surfaces are more resistant to chipping and scarring, with a wide range of colors and finishes from high/low gloss, metallic, and clear.

The metal to be painted is grounded while the paint powder is given an electrical charge. As the powder is sprayed, the charged particles are attracted via static electricity and cling to the grounded item. The coated parts are then baked to melt and seal the paint into a solid coating. Powder coating eliminates the sagging and running issues you see with traditional liquid paint.

Powder coating is also extremely environmentally friendly with nearly zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Over-sprayed powder is collected and recycled, avoiding release into the atmosphere.

Items we can Powder Coat:

  • Auto and Truck parts
  • Steel/Aluminum Wheels
  • Engine parts, brackets, etc.
  • ATV and Go-kart frames, wheels, fenders, brackets, etc.
  • Motorcycle frames, wheels, fenders, brackets, etc.
  • Iron gates and railings.
  • Patio furniture – tables, chairs, benches
  • and more…

Gallery of Powder Coating Work

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